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Personal Trainer / Triathlon Coach

Tip of the Month

Keep your knees warm!

Now that spring is just around the corner, and the weather is getting nicer, we can get lulled into thinking it's warmer outdoors than it really is. When running, and particularly when cycling, keep your knees covered with thermal tights or leg warmers. If the knee joint gets cold enough the synovial fluid (the natural lubricant in the joint) thickens and is pushed aside by cartilage that can rub together and wear - this can cause swelling. Lack of nerves in the knees makes it difficult to tell if they are warm enough. Cover your knees if it is less than 16 degrees C outside.

Hint: Mountain Equipment Co-op ( sells very effective leg warmers that have extra thick padding over the knees. They can be ordered through their on-line catalogue (item 4015-216).